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Spend your hard earned money on quality auto detail work.

At Final Touch, I am committed to doing quality work and only quality work. The services and pricing below reflect this commitment to quality and the attention to detail that makes the difference between a cheap car wash and a real detail. These packages take hours to complete and even the basic packages will look like a thorough detail when completed.

My goal is to provide our customers with the friendliest, most convenient auto detailing experience possible.

Exterior Detailing
  • Vehicle is carefully hand washed and dried. All sap and pollen is removed.
  • Wheels and tires are cleaned of all grime and brake dust and dressed; door jambs and windows cleaned inside and out.
  • All chrome, trim, and moldings detailed.
  • PAINT CLAYED to prepare surface for sealant. A clay bar removes surface contamination embedded in paint that cannot be removed with soap.
  • Paint is thoroughly polished with a fine grade polish on a dual action buffer to bring out the gloss and shine of the paint and remove light scratches and swirl marks from the paint.
  • SEALANT applied to paint. Sealant adds a deep shine and protects vehicles paint from the environment and road conditions much better than any wax can. Lasts up to a year.
Interior Detailing
  • Interior carpets and seats are thoroughly vacuumed.
  • Dashboard, center console, door panels and all interior surfaces are cleaned, wiped down and protected with a high quality protectant that leaves a matte factory looking finish with no residue or greasy feel to it.
  • All leather is gently steam cleaned to remove all dirt and then conditioned with the best leather conditioner making it as soft and supple as possible again.
  • Floor mats, seats and carpets are steam cleaned and shampooed.
  • Door jambs are cleaned, and windows cleaned inside and out.
Preparation For Sale Package
  • When you sell your vehicle you want it to look its best in order to get the maximum selling price. This usually ends up being a custom quoted package based on the vehicles condition and the issues that need to be addressed in order for it to show its best.

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A great value services

Final Touch is a highly reputable business that caters to the needs of each individual customer by offering high-quality professional service that ensures satisfied customers coming back for more. I personally guarantee your utmost satisfaction with the work I do on your car. If for any reason you are not happy with your detail, I will do my best to make the situation right.

-Andrew Luzaich

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At Final Touch, I specialize in professional detailing using only the finest equipment and products available. My professional training in luxury auto detailing is a by-product of one-on-one training from Renny Doyle of “Detailing Success”, who provided me with extensive guidance on using dual action buffers, steam cleaners, and clear coat wet sanding. I have been detailing client’s cars professionally in Sonoma County and San Diego, CA since 2005.

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