Boat Detailing

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Boat Detailing

Protecting your boats exterior with a professional boat detail will add years to its life and value. The gel coat of your boat needs to be regularly cleaned and nourished with protectants designed for gel coat. Boaters in Lake Sonoma, Lake Pillsbury, Clear Lake and Tahoe all agree that Final Touch Auto Detail is the first choice…the only choice.

Call today for a price quote and, whether you have just started the season and you want to impress, or you need a mid-summer clean up, you will be impressed how good your boat can look.

Don’t forget to have our team detail the cabin interior! All of the surfaces on the interior are affected by the sun, water, and wind. Add life to the look, feel, and durability of your boats interior cabin with a detail.

Choose Final Touch Auto Detail for your boat detail, add life and luster your gel coat and spend more time enjoying the water!